It's that time of year again where we are in the midst of another winter league, which means fog, rain, Jack Frost nipping at our nose. This year we have decided only to field 3 teams compared to the usual 4 to make sure that we don't suffer with forfeited matches like we did last year due to lack of availability.

In division 1 our A team is currently tied in 1st place with Purton A, although we have a better game difference.

In division 3 our C team (there was a B but we dropped it after the league had started) are currently 2nd place behind Minety B who have played 1 more match than us, so all to play for

And finally in division 5 our C team are currently bottom


This summer saw our teams achieve success once again in the Swindon & District Summer League with our mixed and ladies teams achieving top positions in division 1.

Our Mixed A and Mixed B teams were 1st and 2nd in division 1 and our Mixed C was 1st in division 4.

Our Ladies A and B were 1st and 2nd in division 1. A fanctastic result which saw off our main rivals in both categories.

Our Mens B finished 1st in division 5 and Mens C finished 1st in division 8


It"s that time of year again where we have to open our cheque books and pay up to remain members of our favourite tennis club! This year at the AGM it was agreed that membership costs should rise, this is the first rise in a few years. So from this year the prices are as follows

Aduts £100

Husband & Wife / Co-habiting partner (joint membership) £150

OAP (65+) £75

Students £55

Juniors (up to age 16) £35

The membership form is availble to download and print from <a href="Documents/membershipform.pdf">here


The club held its annual general meeting on February 21st. It was here that we saw a change to the senior committee members of the club. Neil has been chairman of Swindon Tennis Club for 9 years and has helped it to become the club it was always dreamed to be from operating out of temporary cargo containers to bringing new life to St Marks with the addition of a coffee shop and resurfaced courts. Neil decided that with his responsibilities to the trust there is a conflict of interest in running both the trust and the club and so decided to step down. In light of this we have a new chairman, most of you will know, Richard Hughes. Welcome aboard, you have big shoes to fill

The other change to the management committee is our long standing Treasurer Paul Casey. He is being succeeded by Steve Prior. You can find a copy of the AGM minutes <a href="Documents/agm_minutes.pdf">here


The winter is well and truely behind us (hoping there is no more snow on the horizon) and as we look forward to the upcoming summer league season we take time to reflect on what was another success story for Swindon Tennis Club.

This winter we have had two teams win their respective divisions. Swindon A had a particularly tough time of it this winter due to multiple rain delays and postponements. Despite this, however, Swindon A managed to take the crown for division 1 with a clear win of 4 points above their closest rivals, Devizes.

Swindon C also did the business this winter by finishing top of division 4, 2 points above closest rivals Minety B and Pewsey A, having only dropped 15 sets out of a possible 80. That is very well done.

Swindon B and D did a sterling job and remained safely in their respective divisions, 1 and 5. Well done to all those that helped make this another successful season for out club!