1. The box league divisions will be based on perceived standard and based on previous performance in other rounds, where possible.
  2. The scoring format of the match will be best of 3 sets. First 2 sets are to 6 games with tie break to 7 (2 points clear) at 6-6. The 3rd and final set can either be a full set to 6 games (like the first 2) or a match tie break to 10 points, 2 clear.
  3. You will get a point awarded for each match you play, regardless of whether you win or lose. This is to reward participation.
  4. You will also get a point awarded for each set you win, regardless of whether you win or lose overall.
  5. A bonus point is awarded to the winner if they win in straight sets, so the maximum number of points you can be awarded is 4 (1 point for taking part, 1 point for each set (2 sets) and 1 point for a straight sets win).
  6. You play each opponent at most once.
  7. Winner is responsible for entering the scores onto the club website (unless otherwise agreed with the opponent).