1. It is up to the challenger to make contact with their opponent. You may challenge anyone else on the ladder, up to and including 3 places above you.
  2. The initial ranking of the players on the ladder is random.
  3. New players can join the ladder at any time and once the round is live you will be added to a random position in the bottom half of the ladder.
  4. Each player is expected to play at least one match every 3 week interval, otherwise HE or SHE will be dropped ONE position. The player in 1st position is exempt from this requirement.
  5. A player who is challenged must agree to a match with the challenger no later than two weeks after the challenge has been made unless:
    1. The challenged player already has 2 other matches to play.
    2. The challenged player is unable to play due to injury, holiday etc.
    3. The two players cannot mutually agree on a date and time for a match.
  6. The challenger is responsible for providing reasonable tennis balls for the match.
  7. It is the responsibility of the winner of the match to submit the result of the match via the club website.
  8. The time of the match should be mutually agreed to both players. Therefore if either party is more than 15 minutes late in attending an agreed match, then the late or non-attender loses the match (unless sufficient reason) Please decide before playing the game what will happen if it rains or the game has to be abandoned for any reason.


  1. If the winner has the higher position, there is no change.
  2. If the winner has the lower position, he or she takes over the higher position. The loser and all others below the winner move down one position. The calculation is based on the position of the two players when the match is recorded, not those at the time the challenge is made. It's not unusual to find the positions of the players have changed during that interval. Please observe good sportsmanship and play your match even if you find your respective positions have changed.


  1. Matches will consist of 3 sets. The first 2 sets are standard set to 6 with a normal tie break to 7 at 6-6. The third set is a match tie break to 10.
  2. In order to get matches played within the maximum booking duration of 2 hours, you can opt to take certain measures to help, such as sudden death deuces, sudden death tie breaks at 6-6 (sets 1 and 2), or sudden death match tie break at 9-9. Whatever you choose to do needs to be agreed by both players.
  3. As previously stated, at the end of a match the score has to be registered by the winner via the club website.