We had another great club championships this summer. We had two events held across the weekend with the mens singles held on Saturday 14th September and the Mixed doubles event on the Sunday.

The mens singles event had x entrants and the format of the event was a round robin where each match consisted of shorts sets to 4 with tie break to 7 at 4-4. In the end it came down to a final between previous Gentlemens singles champion, Karl and first time finalist Bruno. The final was a normal set. Things looks close at 2 games all, but then Karl held his nerve and remained consistent taking the first break to take it to 3-2. A further hold, another break and a final hold saw him claim victory.

The mixed doubles event was well attended with 6 pairs. Each pair was randomly drawn and then split in to two groups, with 3 pairs in each group. Each pair played in a round robin within their respective groups and the game scores were totalled to give the winner and runner up of each group. They went on to play in the semi finals and then the two pairs went in to the final.

The final was Livio and Nick vs Milos and Annie. This was a closely fought battle which went to a tie break at 6-6. The ultimate victors were Livio and Nick.


Another summer, another turbulent time with the weather and a lot of rearranged matches. This year has been challenging one, both in terms of weather but also in terms of fielding teams as we lost a number of ladies from our teams, resulting in dropping 1 ladies team and a mixed team.

However, we have not done too badly as a result. So firstly our Mens A. As of right now, the Mens A have 2 matches left to play, but are already div 2 winners with Farrigdon A a very close 2nd. So next year our Mens A will be back in division 1.

The Mens B have had a fantastic year in division 4. The result of this years efforts is that Mens B are the division 4 winners.

The Mens C have struggled a little this year and are penultimate in divison 7. This might mean that next year they will be in division 8.

The Ladies have really struggled this summer due to the loss of lots of our ladies. This meant that the ladies A, which is normally wins division 1, is currently 5th, however if they win their last match they could end up anywhere from 2nd to 4th depending on Purton A and their final two matches.

The ladies B has really struggled in division 3 as often they could only field one pair. This has resulted in finishing bottom of the table and will result in dropping to division 4 next summer.

Finally, on to the mixed teams. The Mixed A have done well and managed to beat Pewsey to the top spot by getting a walkover against Minety A due to running out of time. This means that Swindon A have won division 1.

The Mixed B team have also done really well in division 3 and have finished a brilliant 2nd place. Well done to all. Finally, Mixed C have done well considering the lack of lady players we have had this season. They have finished middle of the table in 4th place in division 5.


We recently held a club tournament which is always a great laugh and in good spirits. The format of the tournament was such that each player was paired with another player which resulted in all pairs being roughly the same in ability, this normally meant that you had a player paired with a stronger player.

We were split in to 3 groups with 6 pairs in each group. Each pair would play all other pairs in a round robin style. You would play 4 games then the stronger players would swap partners and play another 4 games. Each person kept score of how many games they individually had won. At the end of this round robin the top two players and the top two stronger player would be picked from each of the 3 groups and put in to one of two groups for the 2nd round.

The format repeated and then the top one player and top strong player of each group would be put in to a final.

The final 4 were Becki, Pete, Chris L and Bobby. This was such a closely fought battle that to decide on the winner they had to play a tie break to 10, again swapping players at various intervals. It was still such a close battle that at 9-9 we thought it was going to go on forever, but Bobby and Becki managed to steal the victory winning the tie break 12-10. The result was that Bobby and Becki walked away with 1st place and Chris and Pete came a very respectable 2nd place. Well done to all who participated and a great big thank you to Andy and Beryl who made sure the tournament ran seamlessly.


So the winter league is finally over, and this has been probably one of the most difficult winter leagues we have ever had, with us dropping a B team, leaving us with an A, C and D team, and then having lots of matches that needed to be rescheduled due to inclement weather. That being said we have done fairly well this winter. Here are the results.

The A team finished a respectable 3rd place with only 1 point difference between the division 1 leaders Devizes and Purton, who finished 2nd place on set difference. The final match between our A team and Purton A was the decider where we would finish. If we'd won 6-2 or better we would've finished 1st, 5-3 would've seen us with 2nd place, but as we drew at 4-4 we ended up in 3rd. So it was all to play for right up until the very end!

The C team did fantastically in division 3 finished 1st with just 1 point more than 2nd place Great Bedwyn A. This should secure promotion next year to division 2. The C team only dropped 24 sets out of 96 sets played, which is miles better that 2nd place Great Bedwyn A.

Finally on to the D team. Unfortunately it really wasn't D teams year finishing bottom of division 5 with 0 points. This will likely see our D team demoted to division 6 next winter.

Well done to all teams for a great effort, especially to the C team with that fantastic victory, I look forward to seeing us hold the division 3 trophy at the next league AGM.